About Vendor Registry

Vendor Registry is a small company, but big on passion and drive.   Vendor Registry was founded with the simple purpose of making it easier to do business with state and local governments and institutions.   Too much time is spent filling out repetitive paperwork and too little time is spent taking advantage of new revenue opportunities.   Businesses, especially small local businesses, need to generate more sales.   Governments are forced to do more with less, which means they need more competitive bids.

The vendors' and governments' problems are like a hand in glove. By just eliminating repetition (and automating the rest) and replacing paper with a single web-based tool used by both buyers and suppliers, Vendor Registry was created, a win-win solution.

Visit Vendor Registry NOW, CLICK HERE, register as a vendor, and enjoy the bidding process at a whole new level.   VendorRegistry offers one place to register your business and leads to business for a faster experience.  And we all know time is money.



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