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Gas Rates and Connection Fees:

Jeff Staggs - public works directorJeff Staggs
Public Works Director


**Customer shall pay a minimum installation fee based on the table below plus cost of installation on consumer's property beyond 100 feet.**

Additional expenses for new hookups:

  • $250 excess flow valve on residentials
  • $50 meter for each service - gas, water, sewer

For example, a new gas line would cost $600 for the first line size, AND it would cost another $300 for the excess flow valve and the meter for the service.   If this is confusing, please feel free to contact City Hall to explain these rates. 

3/4" Gas Line $600 for 100' or less
Any additional, charges are for the actual pipe prices
1" Gas Line $700 for 100' or less
1 1/2" Gas Line $800 for 100' or less
2" Gas Line $1,000 for 100' or less
Larger than 2" To be determined by City at prevailing rate








Natural Gas Customer Notification (§192.381)

You have the right to request that an excess flow valve (EFV) be installed on your natural gas service line. The EFV was developed as another safety tool for consumers and all new or replaced gas service lines will be required to include this device if they meet the requirements of federal regulations. An excess flow valve (EFV) is a mechanical valve that can automatically shut the gas flow OFF to your home’s natural gas service line near its source at our main gas pipeline should a break in your service line occur or should serious damage be done to the service line creating a severe leak. This might occur if someone digging hits the line or if some other cause of damage such as a natural disaster breaks or seriously damages the service line. There are limitations as well as benefits to the EFV, for instance, the EFV does NOT shut off gas flow if a leak occurs in your home or at any point past the gas meter at your location. The EFV may also not shut off the gas flow if a small leak occurs on the service line itself. If you would like more information and an estimate for installation or have a specific question please call The City of Waynesboro Natural Gas Department at: 931-722-7020 Monday – Friday 7:00am to 4:00pm CST.

Minimum Monthly Fee:

Inside City Limits: $3.00
Outside City Limits: $4.00

Cut On Fees for Existing Services:
     Water $50.00
     Gas $50.00
     Sewer $50.00

Late Fees:

The delivery of yellow notices will result in an additional $20.00 late fee added to your bill.
If service is disconnected, a reconnection fee of $20.00 will be charged.

Tampering Fees:

Tampering with or changing any gas meter or making any connection to the system without permission from the city or reconnection of service after disconnection for non-payment of bill will result in a fee of $100.00 and possible prosecution of criminal charges. The $100.00 fee shall be paid before services are restored.


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